April 21, 2011
Fly Fishing X Fashion

Words not usually associated with each other. Just take the Orvis catalogue for example. Other than some cool tech stuff, there is very little that is fashionable in the fly fishing world until now.


There has been a run on saddle hackle feathers in fly fishing across the country. Apparently some time back in February, some chick braided a feather in hair and a trend was born. Now this has been reported on through all the regular fly fishing media channels but today it either stepped up or hopefully took its last gasp, it was reported on by the Grey Lady.

At least there has been an influx of pictures of pretty ladies across the sites. But as far as I’m concerned and I’m sure I speak for many a fly tier, this trend can’t die fast enough. C’mon Ladies! Your fuckin up my fly tying!

(not my fly but great use of saddle hackles)

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