February 18, 2012
Where in the dong…

has Lo Fi gone?

It was a short 10 months ago that he started dropping digital jemz on the internet (proof positive that not everyone with a GOPro should be putting up videos and a few should be doing a lot more) and more than a month since we’ve last heard from him. Last word he was headed to the land of Pho and Dong.

Maybe he succumbed to a wicked ladyboy habit;

a crippling heroin habit;

found some sort of undiscovered fly fishing mecca;

or maybe he finally found a suitable environment to start his unicorn ranch

What ever the case, God speed you crazy diamond.

April 3, 2011
Trip Report: A Ring of Fire

I’ve been anticipating my first trip of the year for weeks now. Friday night I sat at the vice and tied up some flies designed for early season. I wanted some thing small with a lot of natural movement that would push water and be easily noticed. I came up with this;

zonker, marabou, and a spun deer head

Got my flies together, grabbed the essentials and hit the road.

You might not know about these unless you  live in the SW or a Mexican neighborhood. They’re kind of like pork rinds, they’re addictive as hell but they tear your mouth up worse than Captain Crunch.

The trail to the water, pass the bum camp

Isn’t fishing in the Bronx awesome. 

 I wasn’t expecting much considering we’ve had three days of rain and temps that didn’t get out of the 40’s all week . My suspicions were confirmed. For one, I missed the productive tide having arrived for the last hour of the outgoing.

Was able to do a little recon, found some good structure for higher water

(not a goose egg)

Flotsam or jetsam?

Gives new meaning to brown lining. Brown tar heroin anyone?

After test swimming some new flies I packed up and hit another spot. All of this is going to be lush green in about three to four weeks.

On the trail in I stumbled on a NYC forrest fire, a real scorcher.

Totally unexpected and pretty cool to see.

Heard the sirens and because I was packing contraband I didn’t feel like being interviewed

Just the essentials

The drive home

Sadly no fish to report but lots of contented sighing. Consider the batteries recharged, at least until about Tuesday when I start jonesin’ again. Pass the heroin.

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