April 14, 2011
"One of my favorite elements of tying steelhead flies is that you can be as creative as you want. A Plain Jane “Green Butt Skunk” will catch you fish if dressed properly for the conditions. However, put some jungle cock eyes on, use died golden pheasant for the tail and some polar bear for the wing and the juju factor goes way up. In the end, these materials probably don’t do as much for the fish as they do for the angler… they make the fly yours. There’s something about putting a little of your own personality into a fly that gives you confidence in your little trooper. Plus, it’s fun to experiment with new materials and variations of dressing."

Tom Larimer for Deneki Outdoors

I couldn’t say it much better and have little to add. But I fully agree with Tom. I love tying flies as a creative outlet. A pattern is a great place to start but I like to consider my materials and come up with things based on how and what I want to fish for. I can’t stand “hair counters” or people who change out a color or material type and then rename a pattern. You didn’t invent shit and you, the hair counter, lighten up. And neither did I so fuck it, Let’s go fishing.

BTD tied with skunk tail. So I guess I invented the STD.

April 4, 2011


So I guess tonight is the NCAA championship game and two teams who I don’t give a damn about are playing a game I’ve previously deemed TV kryptonite. 

The only March Madness I was following was the brackets going on over at Cheeky Fly Fishing.

Well they came to a disappointing conclusion today from a tournament full of upsets. I had Tarpon, Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, and Permit in the Final four with the King of Fish, Atlantic Salmon beating out Permit at the buzzer.

Bonefish beats Permit?!? Rainbow Trout beats Atlantic Salmon?!? And then the final?!? What a bunch of trout weenies. 

You mean to tell me that this tired old, two pound, pellet fed stocker

beats the grey ghost?

C’mon Son! I don’t think so.

March 31, 2011
The same but not the same

Anyone ever noticed the similarity between bonefish

and whitefish


March 10, 2011
March Madness

I could give two shits about basketball. But who doesn’t like a little gambling?

Here’s a novel concept for a few worthy causes; an up start fly fishing company, Cheeky, is doing a tournament bracket for fly fishing and donations go to three organizations doing great work. 

Stripers Forever (member, obviously)

Working towards getting gamefish status for striped bass

Casting for Recovery

Breast cancer support group using fly fishing to heal sufferers both mentally and physically

and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

With goal to protect and enhance bonefish, tarpon, and permit by gaining a better understanding of their biology and ecology.

I think the *grand prize, if you win all your win all your brackets, is that Cheeky takes you fishing for what ever fish wins, all expenses paid. So vote early and often. Donate too.

*(not actually the grand prize)

March 9, 2011

Cuba instead of Portugal, bonefish instead of carp, Yes please.

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