April 20, 2011
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Giant Trevally

Not only do these fish get incredibly massive, but they inhabit some of the most beautiful and remote places on the planet; specifically the South Pacific, the Seychelles, Christmas Island, Hawaii. You know, paradise. Very high on my life list of fish to catch but seemingly unattainable. The Seychelles for example take three days just to get there…

GTs are notorious tackle busters. They are known for breaking rods, spooling reels, and bending hooks. It is not advised to be under-gunned for these bad asses of the flats. 

Come to Mister Murray, Ulua. 

What’s today’s powerball?

March 27, 2011
Top of the List

Top of my list of fish to catch in my life is, The Roosterfish, aka Pez Gallo, aka the most badass looking fish in the sea, except the hammer head shark, of course. (This dude is pretty badass himself. Is that The Rooster?)

Roosterfish can be caught from the beach, they pull like a freight train, get huge, and look cool as hell. Plus you have to  travel to Mexico to catch them. 

(This guy is not quite as badass as the Rooster, still a lucky bastard though)

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