September 26, 2011
Trip Report: Red House

Hola Amigos. Just got back from a most excellent trip to Martha’s Vineyard, well it would have been most excellent if I had caught more fish. So let’s just leave it at “excellent”

I am really starting to identify with my home town heros, the Baltimore Orioles. Can’t seem to get it together to be in the right place at the right time

I got to tag along with Mrs. Murray while she photographed our friend’s nuptials. The wedding was pretty great but my focus was elsewhere.

photo by Mrs. Murray

Before I left for the island I called in for some expert advice from a local hero on how to land an albie from shore and was told, find a likely spot and, “blind cast your face off”

Over the course of the weekend I spent almost 20 hours blind casting for albies who never showed where promised. Assholes, obviously.

It being derby time, the likely spots were pretty crowded.

Side note: as Mrs. Murray and Dr. Devlin were dropping me off at the jetty, I saw a familiar face in the parking lot - none other than Bob Popovics in the mother fucking place to be, Martha’s Vineyard, fishing the Derby. I said hello and made some fishing chatter; Mrs. Murray, never the one to turn down the chance to talk to strangers chimed in, only to be severely star struck later when I told her that the big man she was talking about “diffuse light” with was Mr. Pop Fleyes himself (he being the only fishing personality/celebrity she knows about). 

Seems that others were given the same advice

But even the hardcore get bored.

I thought musky and steelhead were supposed to be the fish of a thousand casts. At the rate I’m going albies are going to be up there too.

Never underestimate the continental breakfast 

Also spent a few hours fishing at night and only managed one semi-disabled bluefish. 

(30 second exposure)

This bluefish looks like Sling blade, no?

God damn it anyway. MV is a seriously beautiful place and I would move there in a heartbeat. If anyone knows a builder who is looking for a great PM with a fishing habit let me know.

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