June 13, 2014

Dad jokes brought to you by Rick Grimes

oh god

Re-blogged cause as a dad, I’m into this kind of stuff

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June 13, 2014

New obsession

May 28, 2014



May 21, 2014


May 12, 2014

I want a GEE TEE so bad

May 5, 2014

I am not as hard as I thought I was

April 30, 2014

A little video from our trip last month

April 16, 2014
Luther Kelly Hall Rhode Island Surf

Luther Kelly Hall Rhode Island Surf

April 14, 2014

Fish raps

April 8, 2014
"It smells of the sea, the grass grows tall, and I haven’t had to talk to anyone in three days; which I enjoy."

— Ron Swanson - Referring to Scotland (via collapsed-empires)

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